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Send Free SMS PC to Mobile Online

To send free SMS PC to mobile by online internet there are many way, whether direct from website it self or you need to install some application such as Instant Messenger (IM) to your computer first.

OK, now we guide you how to get free SMS PC to Mobile through website online (Wadja) and using Chikka Messenger. Both of these system will allow you to send free SMS computer to mobile device worldwide without payment, It's 100% free and need an internet connection only.

1. Send Free SMS PC to Mobile Using Wadja

Wadja is a website that give the members a free service to lets them follow the topics and group discussions they enjoy most. They can Send and receive messages over the web, email or sms PC to mobile, and share responses between contacts or privately with a friend.

How to start and get free SMS PC to mobile from wadja:
  • Open the wadja website http://sms.wadja.com/smsPlus/Default.aspx, chose your language or your location
  • You have to register your self first before opening free SMS PC to mobile section, It's easy way and take you about 5 minutes.
  • Start sign in using your user name and password
  • Click on menu "SMS plus"
  • Enter the mobile number to whom you want to send SMS
  • After finish typing your Text message, click send
  • To send another SMS PC to mobile, press on compose menu.

2. Send Free SMS PC to Mobile Using Chikka Messenger

Chikka messenger is one of the world Instant Messengers (IM) to allow the user communication with others by chatting PC to PC, PC to Mobile, including feature free sending SMS PC to mobiles around the world including free send MMS images.

Free SMS service from Chikka messenger right now available for the countries such as Guam, Hong Kong (Smart 1528 only), India, Indonesia (XLcom only), Philippines (Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular phones), Saipan, Spain, Kuwait (Wataniya, MTC), United States, United Kingdom. Until now, Chikka is still the best way to send free SMS to mobile phones from your computer.

How to start and get free SMS PC to mobile from wadja:
  • Open the Chikka website http://www.chikka.com/, Start register with enter your mobile number and email address.
  • Follow the instruction, start log in with your ID and you can chose menu send free text message PC to mobile.
  • Put the mobile number you want to send SMS
  • Write your text message, and click send.


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