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Send Free SMS to Europe Countries

There are some website provided a free service to send free SMS text to Europe countries, by easy way typing and put the destination phone number (mobile) or by register first to be member of that group/club SMS forum before able to send free SMS message.

In other way, there is company which giving free SMS service worldwide when some one buy and using their device product (satellite phone) to make an International call. For example; Globalstar Handheld phones, It's allow customers to access Globalstar's satellite service from virtually anywhere and send free SMS around the world.

Marbella Guide is a site about personal and business guide to Marbella, a very popular summer destination for foreign tourists as well as Spaniards. Those internet user who join and register on their site, they can send free SMS service to many country around the world.

Currently, free SMS mobiles service available for the following countries : Denmark, France, Gibraltar, Greenland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and United States (UK).

We can send free SMS to friends or family by 100% free. After register, simply continue to the next step (login to our account). Then we can start sending free SMS message with 3 action :
  1. Type in the mobile number
  2. Type in the Text message
  3. Click send, Thats all.

But Sorry!!! Right now Marbella Guide having trouble with their system for new members who want to send free SMS message. So, when registration form free SMS text mobile get clicking by user it will appear message box like this :

These are some countries which include also in the Europe region ; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.


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Send Free (Gratis) SMS Mobile @ 4:29 AM, ,

Send Free SMS To Indonesia

Sending free SMS International or Worldwide from online internet service right now became popular in between net user, especially in Indonesia. It's make save their budget (balance) on their mobile. Many people are connecting to the internet because some reason, whether to do communication or browsing what they needs.

How to Send free SMS to Indonesia or what they call "SMS gratis" to GSM and CDMA operators such as ; Telkomsel (Simpati, As - Halo), Indosat (Mentari, Matrix, IM3, Starone), Excelcomindo or XL (Xplor, Bebas, Jempol, Jimat XL), Natrindo (AXIS), Hutchison (3 or three), Telkom (Flexy), Bakrie (Esia, Wifone), Mobile-8 (Fren, Mobi, Hepi), Sampoerna (Ceria, Smart)?

From many Free SMS online by website provider, Almost All of them are free sending SMS text message to the India and United Kingdom or Europe Area only. They are few of site that give service to send SMS free to Indonesia, event they mention the word SMS gratis but when we tried it's such not working.

Here is the picture that described a cheap cost if you want to send SMS text to Indonesia, Also you can get or received the Info SMS during your pulse of Rp. 0 by using their Facilities :

By : sms-anda.com

To send free SMS (kirim SMS gratis) to Indonesian mobile you can read our articles here : Wadja SMS for free or here : Yahoo vs Callwave SMS. You need to register only as a members of their website, then you can start sending SMS as much as you want to many operator in Indonesia.


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Send Free (Gratis) SMS Mobile @ 11:49 AM, ,

Send Free SMS to India, Kuwait, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Malaysia

Now You Can Send Free SMS to India, Kuwait, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Malaysia using 160by2 services. 160by2 is a SMS Marketing service launched in India which allows the users to send Free SMS messages through their website.

By using 160by2 online service the members can send free SMS of 80 characters, Right now they have Over 4 Million Registered Users who always comeback to send free SMS from PC to mobile device to the countries India, Kuwait, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Malaysia.

It is free service, You need to register to have an account member before you can send free SMS. On successful registration, you shall receive a "password" on your mobile (with which you have registered).

After that, simply Login to your account at 160by2 with your password and user name. And then you can start sending FREE SMS, The system will allow you to send maximum of 50 messages per day. You can send only 10 messages to one particular number in a day.

  • To send free sms messages to India, fill the form with 10 digit mobile number in the mobile number box and type in your text message in the message body input area.

  • To send free sms to Kuwait, use of country code (965) followed by 8 digit Kuwait mobile number (Wataniya or MTC provider). for example : 965xxxxxxxx

  • To send free sms to Singapore, prefix mobile number with country code 65 followed by 8 digit Singapore mobile number and type in your SMS text in the message body input area. for example : 65xxxxxxxx

  • To send free sms to UAE, please use the mobile number with country code 971 followed by 9 digit UAE mobile number. for example : 971xxxxxxxxx

  • To send free sms to Saudi Arabia, put the country code 966 followed by 9 digit Saudi Arabia mobile number. for example : 966xxxxxxxx

  • To send free sms to Philippines, please prefix mobile number with country code 63 followed by 9 Or 10 digit Philippines mobile number. for example : 639xxxxxxxxx

  • To send free sms to Malaysia, enter the mobile number include of country code 60 followed by 9 digit Malaysian mobile number. for example : 601xxxxxxxx

Enjoy your day and save your money by sending free SMS PC to mobile device from 160by2 service.


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Send Free (Gratis) SMS Mobile @ 11:39 PM, ,

Send Cheap SMS Message Mobile to Mobile

If you are looking for cheap service to send SMS message mobile to mobile worldwide, Fishtext is the answer for you. Fishtext is a Text message service company that allow the user to send real text message to over 200 countries from mobile phone and website with low prices.

If the fishtext members send their SMS text message from mobile phone or computer (website online) to the other fishtext user who are online, the SMS message will deliver for completely free of charge.

All you need to do (is) go to the website, install the application on your phone, then you start it up and simply type in the number of the person you want, and the message you're going to send them SMS, and press send.

SMS text message will be delivery to the recipient quickly and reliably, This system connected to the mobile phone network operator to access an internet service. When the recipient received the SMS text message, they don't get charge anything.

For new register members, they will get free 5 Euro credit to send SMS message around the world. To continue sending SMS message from mobile phone and website online when their free balance credit finished, They need to buy new credit direct from mobile phone or log in to the their account in internet.

To buy fishtext SMS message balance credit they have three choice of method such as by Credit card, Google checkout, and Paypal. After that, select the amount of SMS message's credit. The member also able to buy Virtual Numbers they would like to purchase, It's allow the members to send SMS text message from their mobile phone to the others mobile number without appearing their own number as sender SMS message.


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Send Free (Gratis) SMS Mobile @ 10:24 PM, ,

Send Free SMS PC to Mobile Online

To send free SMS PC to mobile by online internet there are many way, whether direct from website it self or you need to install some application such as Instant Messenger (IM) to your computer first.

OK, now we guide you how to get free SMS PC to Mobile through website online (Wadja) and using Chikka Messenger. Both of these system will allow you to send free SMS computer to mobile device worldwide without payment, It's 100% free and need an internet connection only.

1. Send Free SMS PC to Mobile Using Wadja

Wadja is a website that give the members a free service to lets them follow the topics and group discussions they enjoy most. They can Send and receive messages over the web, email or sms PC to mobile, and share responses between contacts or privately with a friend.

How to start and get free SMS PC to mobile from wadja:
  • Open the wadja website http://sms.wadja.com/smsPlus/Default.aspx, chose your language or your location
  • You have to register your self first before opening free SMS PC to mobile section, It's easy way and take you about 5 minutes.
  • Start sign in using your user name and password
  • Click on menu "SMS plus"
  • Enter the mobile number to whom you want to send SMS
  • After finish typing your Text message, click send
  • To send another SMS PC to mobile, press on compose menu.

2. Send Free SMS PC to Mobile Using Chikka Messenger

Chikka messenger is one of the world Instant Messengers (IM) to allow the user communication with others by chatting PC to PC, PC to Mobile, including feature free sending SMS PC to mobiles around the world including free send MMS images.

Free SMS service from Chikka messenger right now available for the countries such as Guam, Hong Kong (Smart 1528 only), India, Indonesia (XLcom only), Philippines (Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular phones), Saipan, Spain, Kuwait (Wataniya, MTC), United States, United Kingdom. Until now, Chikka is still the best way to send free SMS to mobile phones from your computer.

How to start and get free SMS PC to mobile from wadja:
  • Open the Chikka website http://www.chikka.com/, Start register with enter your mobile number and email address.
  • Follow the instruction, start log in with your ID and you can chose menu send free text message PC to mobile.
  • Put the mobile number you want to send SMS
  • Write your text message, and click send.


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Send Free (Gratis) SMS Mobile @ 1:47 PM, ,

Send Free Text Messages By Text Magic Online

TextMagic Online is a program that give the internet user who want to send free SMS to mobile for anyone, anytime, and any countries in the world via email account. The member of TextMagic can send and receive text messages with any email account and can be used as an Email based API without needing to install any software.

Free send SMS mobile from computer using an email will save your money, This system provided a simple way to enable your application/custom software to send text messages. Once your SMS is received on his/her mobile they can reply to your message quickly at that time.

Online text message "TextMagic" offer the members to send SMS message to mobile from computer in two version, Trial and Pay credit online. Email to SMS works incredibly well for setting up custom applications that can send out automated alerts, The member can send SMS to mobile device with all languages.

Once you have sign up to start send SMS mobile from email, you will get 20 free bonus credit. With 1 credit balance, you can send SMS message 100 times.

How the send and receive the text messages (SMS) via email? It's easy procedural, in just a few steps you can start sending your SMS to any mobile's provider aroud the world :
  1. Address the email to which phone number you want to send SMS message, don't forget to chose the country code.
  2. Compose your text message in the email body. Attachments and HTML tags are removed before sending as a text message.
  3. Common email signatures are removed, such as "This email is confidential..." Because you just send SMS mobile as normal message.
  4. Please remember that the email must come from you when you send SMS to the people. So, Sign in to your account first.
  5. SMS Messages you send are "from" 447624800500. This is a UK phone number, which is used to forward replies back to your SMS email address. You can change this number if you want replies to come back to your mobile phone instead.
  6. Optional password in the subject line. As an additional security check, you can specify a password to be used in Email to SMS system.

When you send SMS message to mobile, the owner's number will receive your Text SMS like this :

After He/She replay your SMS, text messages are in turn forwarded to your email account:

If you want to send same SMS message to many of mobile number, you can send it one time using this format as group SMS system:


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Send Free (Gratis) SMS Mobile @ 4:51 PM, ,

Send Free SMS Mobile Using Yahoo Widget

To send free SMS from computer to mobile device you can use the Yahoo Widget. The system offering the user to send free text message (SMS) by collaborating with callwave services.

To start sending free SMS from your computer or laptop to mobile or hand phone of course you have to connect them to the internet first, And then download some application.

OK, Right now I will guide you how to get free send SMS mobile using the Yahoo Widget. The Yahoo Widget is a software system that work as JavaScript Runtime Engine in the Windows and Mac OS X which allow you to run small file called "Widgets".

You need to install Yahoo Widget software on your computer, It will help you to use callwave service in order to send free SMS from computer to mobile device. When you have done create both of them on your computer, You can freely send SMS message to any of mobile provider from around the world.

SMS message will receive in minutes by the owner of mobile. So, for the internet user those want to send free sms mobile by online without cutting their mobile's balance they can try following these steps :

  1. Download Yahoo Widget file name widgetus.exe size 11.7 MB.
  2. Install in your computer, Run the application when it is finish
  3. Start Login using your Yahoo ID

  4. To get continuing send free SMS mobile using Yahoo Widget, download Free Text Message file (widget) from Callwave (you can chose new version). Save the SMS application to your computer directory such as My Documents or My Widget, then double click on it.
  5. Before you start send SMS, you need to register first. It is free! Simply just click on register button.

  6. Enter your mobile number, country, e-mail address (don't wory, it's just to get your PIN number to verify your registration only)
  7. Submit them to verify you ID member
  8. Do the verification with your PIN number that has send to your mobile number.

  9. Enjoy to send free SMS mobile from your computer now

With these system you can send free SMS text message to mobile device to many gateway provider service such as to Indonesia (Indosat ;IM3/m3access, Mentari - Telkomsel; Simpati - XL; pro XL) United State (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Middle East (Kuwait ; MTC - Wataniya, Qatar, Oman, Emirates/Abu Dhabi/Bahrain, Saudi Arabia), India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and more others countries.

Source : This article is translated from http://dedekurniadi.web.id/2007/06/04/kirim-sms-gratis-via-komputer-dengan-yahoo-widget/.


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