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Send Free Text Messages By Text Magic Online

TextMagic Online is a program that give the internet user who want to send free SMS to mobile for anyone, anytime, and any countries in the world via email account. The member of TextMagic can send and receive text messages with any email account and can be used as an Email based API without needing to install any software.

Free send SMS mobile from computer using an email will save your money, This system provided a simple way to enable your application/custom software to send text messages. Once your SMS is received on his/her mobile they can reply to your message quickly at that time.

Online text message "TextMagic" offer the members to send SMS message to mobile from computer in two version, Trial and Pay credit online. Email to SMS works incredibly well for setting up custom applications that can send out automated alerts, The member can send SMS to mobile device with all languages.

Once you have sign up to start send SMS mobile from email, you will get 20 free bonus credit. With 1 credit balance, you can send SMS message 100 times.

How the send and receive the text messages (SMS) via email? It's easy procedural, in just a few steps you can start sending your SMS to any mobile's provider aroud the world :
  1. Address the email to which phone number you want to send SMS message, don't forget to chose the country code.
  2. Compose your text message in the email body. Attachments and HTML tags are removed before sending as a text message.
  3. Common email signatures are removed, such as "This email is confidential..." Because you just send SMS mobile as normal message.
  4. Please remember that the email must come from you when you send SMS to the people. So, Sign in to your account first.
  5. SMS Messages you send are "from" 447624800500. This is a UK phone number, which is used to forward replies back to your SMS email address. You can change this number if you want replies to come back to your mobile phone instead.
  6. Optional password in the subject line. As an additional security check, you can specify a password to be used in Email to SMS system.

When you send SMS message to mobile, the owner's number will receive your Text SMS like this :

After He/She replay your SMS, text messages are in turn forwarded to your email account:

If you want to send same SMS message to many of mobile number, you can send it one time using this format as group SMS system:


Send Free (Gratis) SMS Mobile @ 4:51 PM,


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